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Hinckley Trampoline Club Bags

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Hinckley Trampoline Club Bags

We now have Hinckley Trampoline Club drawstring bags. These are black with orange print and they are personalised. These are £5.00 each. If you would like to order one please speak tom Jo and give your name (What you want wrote on the bag and £5.00)

Reginal Team Championships 30/05/2015

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Two members from The Hinckley Trampoline Club competed for the East Midlands Region in the Trampoline & Tumbling Regional Team Finals at the Peterborough Show ground over the weekend. This competition is attended by trampolinists from all over the UK including Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and 10 other regions. Dylan has done very well throughout this year in the county and regional competitions, winning every regional competition so far this year, but this was a national event on the big stage. After his first routine Dylan was leading by the slimmest margin of 0.1 of a point. His second routine was much better. His final score was 52.9 points and this is the highest total score he has ever received. He finished 2.1 points clear of the second place competitor. Dylan’s score also included a 9.3 from one of the judges. Dylan is now the NDP 1, 9-10 years UK champion and has qualified for the National individual finals in Telford in July.

Our second competitor Beccy, competed in the 13+ women’s NDP 1 category. Beccy has had a great year competing and gained qualification for this event back in March. This category is renowned to be very competitive and with 18 qualifiers, it was going to be a tough competition. Beccy put in a great performance in her first routine and was standing in 9th place. She was required to finish in the top 8, and gain the qualifying score, to qualify for the National individual finals. Beccy put in another solid performance in her 2nd routine and it was no surprise when the results came through and she finished in 5th place, with the qualifying score for the National individual finals in July.

This is a huge achievement for both the competitors and the clubs head coach Joanne Impey. As a club they have only been entering competitions for 2 ½ years and to get two competitors into the national finals is more than they could have ever hoped for in the short time they have competed.

East Midlands, as a region, also won the championships by gaining the most amount of points awarded for medal placings and qualifiers for the National Individual Finals.

Dylan and Beccy are currently thinking of fundraising ideas and are looking for possible sponsorship as the entry fee alone is £65.00 each to enter this national level competition.


Leicestershire and Rutland Sports Awards 13/05/2015

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Leicestershire and Rutland Sports Awards 13/05/2015

One of our Parents, Sandra Drofield, nominated myself (Jo Impey - Head Coach) for the unsung hero award. I didnt win the award but I recieved a certificate and we had a lovely evening celebrating coaches who dedicate their time to running clubs and coaching.


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Hinckley Trampoline Club

Hinckley Trampoline Club would like to thank our photographer Sarah Dean taking and publishing most of our photographs


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Hinckley Trampoline club

Hinckley Trampoline Club would like to thank the following people and companies for their help in our fundraising events:

The Marina for a £20 food voucher for our auction

The Milestone for a £10 food voucher for our auction

The Harvester for a £25 food voucher for our auction

Grace & Co. jewellers for a £10 voucher for our raffle

Coventry City Football Club for two free tickets to watch a home game for our auction

Daniel and Sam Neale for a free weekend at their caravan in Ingoldmells for a special raffle

Hinckley and Rugby Building society for their sponsorship of £250 for us to get club t.shirts

Caterpiller for their donation of £50 from a dress-down day for our club funds

Hinckley Trampoline Club Tracksuit Bottoms

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Hinckley Trampoline Club Tracksuit Bottoms

Sarah, one of our parents currently makes our tracksuit bottoms. These are plain black with orange diamantes’ on them, to match our hoodies and leotards.

If you would like some, Sarah can either get you the tracksuit bottoms and put the diamantes’ on for a cost of £15 or if you get your own bottoms and then Sarah will put the diamantes’ on for £5.00. The tracksuit bottoms Sarah has been using are from Asda so you can either tell her your size or get your own (please get plain black ones though and not she'll material)

They will just need to be washed and ironed inside out

If you are interested or want more information you can contact Sarah directly. Her email address is - [email protected]


regional competition results, from 26th of January

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well done to the following competitors:

Kate came second

Beth came third

TRA Level 2 - Womens 11-1211619536Hattie RowlandNTGA 46.801
TRA Level 2 - Womens 11-1221748565Kate WestonHinckley TC 44.902
TRA Level 2 - Womens 11-1231701535Ashleigh PhillipsLincoln Imps 44.603

TRA Level 2 - Womens 11-

41906667Leanne ArnoldAbbey High Fliers 43.70



A Level 2 - Womens 15-16



Hannah Black



























TRA Level 2 - Womens 15-1621619513Olivia RowlandNTGA 46.002
TRA Level 2 - Womens 15-1632172074Beth FelmeriHinckley TC 40.303

Leotards / Unitard

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Hinckley Trampoline Club Leotards / Unitards

We now have Hinckley Trampoline Club Leotards/Unitards. You can also get a matching hair ruffle and shorts. If you would like one come and speak to me and I will get you measured-up for one. We get them from:


47-49 Newdegate Street
CV11 4ER

Phone 02476 344200

email to [email protected] 

Monday - Saturday: 9am - 5pm

We are closed Sundays and most bank holidays.

Hinckley Trampoline Club hoodies

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We have got a local company who print our Hinckley Trampoline Club hoodies. These hoodies cost £15.00 each or £16.00 , if you would like your name on it as well. You are welcome to try other trampolinists hoodies on to check the size you would like. We can also get zipped hoodies and these are £22.00 or £23.00 (with name).

The sizes:

Youths (inches)


26-28    5-6 years


30           7-8 years


32            9-11 years


34            12-13 years


36            14-15 years


Seniors: (inches)


35-37       - small


38-40       - medium


41-43        - large


44-46        - extra large


47-49         - xxl